Nikko Patten-Wenstein

19 December 2016

Blog post
Co-Founder & CTO at SparkFund

Nikko is the software & information technology expert. He started his stint with technology at the young age of 16; he founded Basement 9 Studio, a full-fledged digital recording studio which he ran as a profitable business for seven years. At present, he is the co-founder and CTO of SparkFund, which is an energy efficiency financing company that has developed a flexible financing solution specifically designed for small & medium sized projects. At SparkFund, Nikko contributes to corporate governance while overseeing all software development and information technology efforts. He is responsible for ensuring that the business' requirements and opportunities are translated into functional software and systems. He has extensive experience in software development, web development, financial software solutions, functional programming (λ), and Agile methodology. Nikko has also held technical leadership positions at Intuit and PTC.