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29 December 2016

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  • Movement 2016 (now is a campaign to get people to donate directly to grassroots organizations that work on key social issues and GOTV, instead of giving directly to presidential political campaigns which spend a very large proportion of their money on TV ads.


  • SEO and online media buying
    One of the biggest challenges for this campaign was the state of its SEO. The campaign name conflicted with that of a popular music festival and in the absence of a substantial number of back-links to the website of the campaign, it was hard for the public to discover them.

    The second challenge was online media buying on both Facebook and Twitter. The team had a proficient social media content team but did not have the capabilities to manage the online advertising program, which included targeting and running online campaigns with clear goals.


  • Strategize to reach donors
    Our solution was two-fold. We used a combination of personal blogs, keyword optimization and back-links, to ensure that Movement 2016 was ranked #1 in organic Google search. This helped them reach their target audience and give them substantial brand recognition.

    Second, we used tools like ActionSprout to set up automated ads. In addition, we used careful audience analysis to set up effective targeting on Facebook and on Twitter to speak to people who would donate to grassroots groups and support local organizations.


  • Positive Influence, Over $2.5 Million Funding
    Our digital marketing strategy had a positive impact on the Movement 2016. The website quickly rose to No. 1 on Google search and drove significant incremental traffic. In addition, they were able to raise 2.5 million dollars in support of grassroots groups. This ensured that during this crucial election, they were able to support local organizing.

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