Karim Amrani

1 March 2017

Blog post

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Educator, Maker - Aiming to push the world's imagination to improve the way we learn and interact with information and develop new concepts that take a creative and playful approach to social innovation. He founded the R&D Lab Jibly (NL) to explore different ideas around education, aiming to make the pursuit of knowledge more fun and doing so by developing playful environments that explore new ways of interacting with data in a fun and immersive way. He has worked for schools, governments, European councils, military, museums, libraries and more.

His specialties: Flash, Java, Director, QBasic, 3dsmax, Photoshop, iMovie, Premiere, Audition, MaxMSP, Arduino, Hardware hacking.

He excels in Project managment, Concept design, Animation, Audio soundscapes, Concept art, Previsualizing, Storyboarding, Creative problem solving, Webgames, Storytelling.